Without Fear or Favor: A Novel (A Butch Karp-Marlene Ciampi Thriller)

Without Fear or Favor: A Novel (A Butch Karp-Marlene Ciampi Thriller)

Without Fear or Favor: A Novel (A Butch Karp-Marlene Ciampi Thriller)

The “best fictional prosecuting attorney in literature” (Mark Lane, #1 New York Times bestselling author) Butch Karp returns in this white-knuckled and timely thriller about a radical organization of armed militants bent on the cold-blooded murder of uniformed on-duty police officers.

Tensions have been building between the police force and the black rights activists in Harlem, and they reach a boiling point when a cop shoots down a seemingly unarmed teenager. The community, believing the teen had no weapon, rises up in anger and demands to have the officer prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But there’s something more than a call for justice at work here: a plot to bring down the city’s police force through a conspiracy so vast and malicious only N.Y.D.A Roger “Butch” Karp and his band of truth-seekers can untangle it.

Karp, along with Marlene and an eclectic cast of characters, seek to unravel the murder mystery without fear or favor. The prosecution of this heinous crime will be Karp’s greatest confrontation with the forces of evil yet.

With more than fifteen million copies of his books in print, Robert K. Tanenbaum is a true “master of the legal thriller” (Vincent Bugliosi) whose straight-from-the-headlines adventures keep you rapt until each stunning and “postively balletic” (Booklist) conclusion.

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 6.87

The DI Tremayne Thriller Series: Books 1 – 6: The Complete Series

The DI Tremayne Thriller Series: Books 1 - 6: The Complete Series

Six Powerful Stories. Six Edge of Your Seat Thrillers. Six Books at a Discounted Price.

Death Unholy (Book 1) – All that remained were the man’s two legs and a chair full of greasy and fetid ash. Little did DI Keith Tremayne know that it was the beginning of a trip into the murky world of paganism and its ancient rituals.

‘Do you believe in spontaneous human combustion?’ Inspector Tremayne asked his sergeant, Clare Yarwood.

Death and the Assassin’s Blade (Book 2) – It was meant to be high drama, not murder, but someone’s switched the daggers. The man’s death, in plain view of two serving police officers.

A summer’s night, a production of Julius Caesar among the ruins of an Anglo-Saxon fort. The assassination scene, the man collapses to the ground, Brutus defending his actions, Mark Antony’s rebuke.

Death and the Lucky Man (Book 3) – Sixty-eight million pounds and DEAD!

Someone had once told Detective Inspector Keith Tremayne that some people were lucky and some weren’t. Tremayne knew only one thing: the man lying dead in a pool of blood had qualified on the lucky after winning the lottery, but now his luck had run out.

Death at Coombe Farm (Book 4) – A warring family. A disputed inheritance. A recipe for death!

If it hadn’t been for the circumstances, Detective Inspector Keith Tremayne would have said the view was outstanding. Up high, overlooking the farmhouse in the valley below, the panoramic vista of Salisbury Plain stretching out beyond. The only problem was that near where he stood with his sergeant, Clare Yarwood, there was a body, and it wasn’t a pleasant sight.

Tremayne had never been keen on farms, and especially horses, although Clare loved them. Tremayne assumed she wouldn’t be so fond of the one that trampled Claude Selwood to death.

Death by a Dead Man’s Hand (Book 5) – A murdered brother. A missing treasure trove of stolen gold bars. A family dying in the hunt for it.!

Ethan Mitchell knew the exact amount of time since his arrest for murder: eighteen years, five months and three days. After so long in prison, many things confused him on his release, but one thing he was sure of was that people do not come back from the dead. However, one month before his release from prison for the murder of a man, he had received a letter. It had only two sentences.

Time will not save you. St Mark’s Church, three in the afternoon, the first Wednesday after your release.

He had recognised the writing. After all, hadn’t they grown up together. The signature was unmistakable: it was his brother Martin’s. But that’s not possible, Mitchell thought. I killed him, spent seventeen years in prison for his murder.

A voice echoed through the church; Ethan felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. ‘Martin, it can’t be,’ Ethan said. ‘You’re dead. I killed you.’

At ten feet from Ethan the man reached into his right-hand jacket pocket. He levelled the gun that he taken removed and emptied three bullets into Ethan, the noise echoing around the church.

Death in the Village (Book 6) – A woman with a venomous tongue, dead and hanging from a beam in her garage!

Nobody was sad that the woman was dead, and she’s not the last to die. DI Tremayne sees a pattern developing, which can only mean one thing – more deaths.

And then, one not of the group dies, and the profiling is off. Do they have someone who’s starting to enjoy killing, and the more violent the better?


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