The World’s Thinnest Outdoor LED TV. The Diamond Pro Series 65″ Samsung 4K Outdoor LED HD TV

The World’s Thinnest Outdoor LED TV. The Diamond Pro Series 65″ Samsung 4K Outdoor LED HD TV

The World's Thinnest Outdoor LED TV. The Diamond Pro Series 65

  • Existing Clients: Disney, Universal Studios, The U.S. Army, NASA, Kennedy Space Center, Sea World, CBS and many more.
  • Worlds Thinnest Outdoor TV!
  • TV’s Custom Altered for Outdoor Use. Resistant to rain, dust, insects, etc. Temperature Range: -25 to 145 degrees F
  • The Brightest Outdoor TV’s on the market! 1 billion colors, TFT Active Matrix Liquid Crystal with Enhanced Brightness LED Backlight Modulation Technology. 40% Less Energy, Higher Contrast, No Mercury Components.
  • 100% Guaranteed

The World’s Thinnest (TV’s from 1″ Deep) and World’s 1st Outdoor LED HD TV. Supplying TV’s direct to Corporations, Hotels and The Federal Government since 2004. All of our products are modified in the USA and come with a Full Replacement Guarantee! All of our TV’s are name brand sets. We offer “off-the-shelf” 22″ to 84″ Samsung, Vizio, Sharp or LG LED HD TV’s which assures you get the latest and most up to date technology. How do we guarantee our products are safe, sealed and secure? We first remove the back panel of the tv exposing all electrical components and circuit boards. We apply a special silicone sealant to all components including the speakers to protect them from moisture, bugs and debris. We then secure a proprietary membrane to all ventilation holes on the back cover. This membrane allows heat to escape but is impermeable to moisture. Since water drains downward, we leave the holes at the bottom of the back cover exposed so there is a natural heat convection from the bottom of the television to the vents at the top to allow for proper cooling. Once all vents have been covered, we apply a sealant to all the screw holes and reattach the back cover. When the cover is in place, we then seal the perimeter joints where the back cover attaches to the screen as well as the joints on the front of the tv where the frame meets the viewing screen. After everything has been sealed, we coat the entire tv with a proprietary material that repels water and acts as a uv barrier. The final process is to protect the audio/video inputs and outputs, We seal the recessed housing where these connections are located. Attached is a waterproof Velcro and pliable translucent plastic to protect all cables coming into and out of the tv. All tv’s come with waterproof remote control and waterproof television cover as well.

List Price: $ 4,950.00

Price: $ 4,950.00

Sunbrite SB5517HDWH Pro Series 55″ Aluminum Powder Coated Outdoor LED TV With Extended Solar Tolerance (White)

Sunbrite SB5517HDWH Pro Series 55

  • 55″ diagonal TFT Active Matrix LED True Outdoor Television; Extended Solar Tolerance (EST) technology to protect the TV screen from isotropic blackout (or screen “going dark” during extended, direct sunlight exposure) ; 700 NIT LED screen – readable in direct sunlight ; 1920 x 1080p full-HD resolution
  • Specifically designed and engineered to resist rain, dust, insects, humidity, and salt air ; Powder-coated aluminum exterior for outstanding strength and durability ; Built-in air flow cooling system to operate in extreme heat (122 degrees F)
  • Ability to operate in cold weather (-40 degrees F) ; 20 WATT built-in speakers module (included) ; RS232 control feature set to maximize system integration and programming security
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080 Full-HD 1080p ; Aspect Ratio 16:9 ; Contrast Ratio 1300:1 ; Frame Rate: 120Hz
  • Operating Temp -40° to 122° F. (-40° to 50°C.) ; Non-op. Temp -40° to 140° F. (-40° to 60°C.) (O. -mode with power applied) The non-operating temperature feature requires power to be applied ;

One of the many features of this rugged outdoor TV – EST technology – protects the TV screen from isotropic blackout … an occurrence when TV monitors are placed in direct sunlight. Extended Solar Tolerance allows the TV to be viewed in direct sunlight. This SunBriteTV Pro Series 55″ LED outdoor, all-weather television offers a superior, full-HD 1080p viewing experience for outdoor entertainment. A front protective tempered glass protects the LED back-lit TV screen from potential damage. Perfect if the TV setting is near an active, playful area, such as a pool – with volleyballs or Frisbees tossed around. All SunBriteTVs are designed for permanent outdoor installation and endless days of entertainment. Rated “safe” for outdoor home or commercial use. The SB-5517HD features a 55-inch diagonal TFT Active Matrix LED screen, powder-coated aluminum exterior – for added protection against rain, humidity, salt-air, heat and snow … a 20 WATT detachable speaker and 2-year parts & labor warranty. This model is shipped to you with a weatherproof remote control with batteries and the official SunBriteTV operator’s manual.

List Price: $ 5,745.00

Price: $ 5,745.00

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