Strong Magnets Neodymium N52 Disc Rare – Earth Super Permanent Metal Round, 1.26″DX0.08″H, Powerful Pull Force, 12 Piece| Heavy Duty, Fridge Door, Garage, Kitchen, Science, Craft, Art, Office, Therapy

Strong Magnets Neodymium N52 Disc Rare – Earth Super Permanent Metal Round, 1.26″DX0.08″H, Powerful Pull Force, 12 Piece| Heavy Duty, Fridge Door, Garage, Kitchen, Science, Craft, Art, Office, Therapy

  • COST SAVINGS AND PREMIUM QUALITY: In this set, there are 12 super strong high power creative neodymium discus round rare earth small heavy duty magnets and plastic separators to make it easier to remove them. This set of wheel rare earth small strong round circle heavy duty magnets features competitively and cost the most effective price! Our strongest small rare earth disc round circle heavy duty magnets are the best choice when it comes QUALITY, QUANTITY, LOW COST!
  • 100% RISK FREE MONEY BACK POLICY: Keeping you satisfied and providing you with the friendliest customer service is our number one goal. We offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on our ultra very super strong powerful neodymium N52 axial direction heavy duty magnetization rare earth ring metal magnets for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied or love with these neodymium N52 super strong powerful rare earth heavy duty magnetized disc metal magnets, you can get your money back.
  • HIGHEST GRADE N52 STRONG AS A BULL: Whether you would like to hold lightweight or extra HEAVY item, this ultra forceful stronger magnetic circle pack is bound to meet your demands! They have been carefully produced based on their BEST QUALITY, N52 GRADE, their 1.26″ diameter and 0.08” height. PULL FORCE of magnet is 8.8 POUNDS weight holding power that features both direct touch and direct pull ability. MAGNETLAND presents the STRONGEST magnets in the store world with REASONABLE PRICE!
  • HIGHLY DURABLE, NICKEL COATED MAGNETS: Forget about low grade N35 N45, extremely thin, easily breakable neodymium earth magnets which do not live for long lasting. We utilize this shiny triple layer plating of Nickel-Copper-Nickel coating because it makes them stronger and last longer. These super extreme though PERMANENT neodymium roundel magnets feature a SOLID sturdy SHINY nickel plated, ensures SMOOTH NON-SCRATCHING surface that is CORROSION RESISTANT, PREMIUM QUALITY and LONGEVITY.
  • WIDE RANGE APPLICATION: These N52 ultra super strength thick disc magnets provide you with countless possibilities and ideal for endless various purposes! Use magnets in order to complete DIY PROJECTS, improve your home, HEAL your body with MAGNETIC THERAPY, LIFT things on your cars, RVs, boats, white board, ORGANIZE your tools in the garage, see your precious pictures on your REFRIGERATOR, perform SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENTS to EDUCATE your kids, complete ARTS AND CRAFTS projects and more!


Do you like organizing your things in place and neatly hung them in your kitchen or garage?
Would you like to teach science to your kids with intelligent way?
Do you make handcraft and home improvement DIY project?


✔USE for scientific purposes, lab experimentation, industrial application, your business office at work whiteboard
✔TEACH science your own kids
✔HEAL your body pain with magnetic therapy healing magnets
✔HANGING key, retrieval device, heavy duty objects in your garage and keep stuff perfectly organized with heavy duty magnets
✔HANDLING in your home
✔KEEP to do lists, brochure and household utility bills on refrigerator
✔DO magnetic spice rack for item storage
✔PRODUCE magnetic knife holder for the freezer or metal surface
✔LATCH metal tins (tea, coffee, altoid, etc.) for quick access
✔STOP that flapping shower curtain by adding circle magnets at the base
✔SEW circle magnets into clothing to create unique closures or addons
✔USE for art artwork, festive lighting and model decor

Why Should You Buy MAGNETLAND Amazing Neodymium Magnetic Flat Coin Sized Discs Product?

Magnets feature 1.26 inch (32mm) diameter and 0.08 (2,03mm) height.
Super circle magnets do not lose their magnetism over time.
These magnets’ supreme quality and unmatched strength features exceed Ceramic magnets of the same size.
Moreover highest N52 grade, our shiny nickel material coating offers added durability and charisma.
Spacer is included between each magnet to making removing them easy.

►We also offer 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee!

►So, why think twice? ORDER NOW and Get these Incredible Set of 12

Pull force is measured between a single magnet and a thick, ground, flat steel plate.


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