P.N.03 (Product Number 03) – GameCube

P.N.03 (Product Number 03) – GameCube

P.N.03 (Product Number 03) - GameCube

  • Space has been colonized, and military units defend those colonies with help from the Computer Arms Management System — CAMS. When a CAMS system goes wrong, the entire colony becomes a killing field, and the only one who can stop it is a deadly robot named Vanessa.
  • Lead Vanessa through a series of deadly, intense missions, fighitng her way to an answer with nothing but her laser-wielding hands
  • Collect points by destroying anything that stands in your way — then use those points to upgrade Vanessa’s battlesuit with amazing weapons
  • Use her speed and strength to take out the incredible enemies she’ll face in 11 different sci-fi environments

Battle machines, robots and mega weapons on a distant planet where killer robots threaten the fate of a colonial settlement.

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 54.99

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