Kyosho MINI-Z Racer MR-03VE Lexus SC430 Petronas Tom’s Race Car (1/27 Scale)

Kyosho MINI-Z Racer MR-03VE Lexus SC430 Petronas Tom’s Race Car (1/27 Scale)

Kyosho MINI-Z Racer MR-03VE Lexus SC430 Petronas Tom's Race Car (1/27 Scale)

  • Extreme performance micro RC car with hundreds of factory performance and custom options
  • Hundreds of factory licensed racing and sports car body styles
  • Long-range 2.4GHz radio provides fully proportional control, unlike most toy-grade RC cars
  • Comes completely factory assembled – only requires a few minutes and 8 AA-size alkaline batteries to get running
  • Backed by the longest lasting, most experienced RC manufacturer in the world with US service and customer support

The Kyosho Mini-Z MR-03S is the latest in a 15-year legacy of very unique 1/27-scale RC cars that began in 1999 and is still running strong today as the leader of the micro RC car category with millions of enthusiasts from around the world. The appeal of the Mini-Z is its small size and quality, hobby grade-construction and features. It features very fluid controls that proportionally respond to the driver’s every movement, delivering virtually seamless control of a vehicle that’s light years ahead of typical RC cars in terms of performance – to say nothing of the scale detail that rivals that of a die-cast car. The MR-03S features a wide variety of licensed racer and iconic sports car replica bodies that span decades of classic to modern performance cars. Numerous factory options are also available for the performance enthusiast who likes to modify and customize their car. Hundreds of body sets are available so you can change to a new style at any time without having to buy a new car. The Mini-Z can be the most simple or the most complex, tunable performance machine that can fit in your pocket. It’s all what you choose to make it. You can choose your own body style and factory accessories to make it unique, or you can simply open the package and start having fun. It’s up to you.This Lexus SC430 race car version of the Mini-Z not only has die cast good looks, but it’s a beast under the hood with a brushless motor and super-smooth electronic speed control. It means that there’s not too many Mini- that can beat the big horsepower of this machine out of the box. Because it’s spec’d for high performance, it’s most suited to racers, which have their own preferences for radio systems. Therefore, no radio system is included to allow racers to choose their own system. All the onboard electronics are included. A compatible radio and batteries are all that’s needed.

List Price: $ 349.99

Price: $ 255.52

Arizona Rim E-Z Fletch Mini

Arizona Rim E-Z Fletch Mini

  • EZ Fletch Mini Tool

The Arizona EZ Fletch Mini fletches vanes up to 2 1/4 while still providing the ease of fletching 3 vanes at one time, quickly, easily, conveniently and accurately anywhere you are, provides maximum helical for these smaller vanes for the fastest stabilization and most accurate arrow flight possible even when shooting broadheads. The EZ Fletch Mini is perfect for carbon arrows, 5/16 (.3125) diameter or smaller. Mfg Item Number: CM1

List Price: $ 46.99

Price: $ 46.95

Kyosho Auto Scale Epson Honda HSV-010 Car Accessory Fits Mini-Z Vehicle

Kyosho Auto Scale Epson Honda HSV-010 Car Accessory Fits Mini-Z Vehicle

  • Includes a “jewel” display case
  • Includes replica wheels with appropriate offset for the designated chassis
  • Display tires are included
  • Display chassis allows the body to be left on display when not it use
  • This is not an RC car – includes replacement body, wheels and tires only

The “Auto scale” trademark is one that represents a commitment to a level of quality and detail in RC bodies that exists nowhere else in the RC world. The Kyosho Auto scale bodies are built exclusively as replacement and optional bodies for the Kyosho Mini-Z line of cars. It features replicas of many iconic and historical racing vehicles, notable production performance machines, and even some esoteric “cult” cars across the spectrum. What they all share is a level of detail that includes a glossy coat of paint, along with details that is unmatched. All bodies use Kyosho’s patented body mounting system that uniquely allows each body to be fitted to different model Mini-Z cars (check product specifications to be sure it will fit your Mini-Z). Each Auto scale body set includes the body, unique from body mount, and replica wheels that are specific to that vehicle. Display tires are also included, which makes the Auto scale look as sharp as a diecast car, but it’s made for one of the most popular hobby-grade micro RC cars in the world the Kyosho Mini-Z.

The HSV-010 is a specially constructed vehicle that was produced for Super GT competition. From 2010 through the 2013 season, this specialized race car represented the Honda brand on the racetrack. The formidable HSV scored a number of impressive accolades during its time in the Super GT series, eventually being THE car to beat at the end if its tenure. This particular body features the Epson livery. This and all Honda products are factory-licensed products for Honda Motor Company, Japan, and Honda North America.

  • Item no. MZP222EP-B
  • Fits Chassis Type: MR03W-MM
  • Wheelbase: 98mm
  • Front Wheel Offset: 2.0mm
  • Rear Wheel Offset: 2.0mm
  • Front Wheel Width: 8.5mm
  • Rear Wheel Width: 11.0mm
  • Bar Code: 4548565243907


List Price: $ 69.99

Price: $ 33.24

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