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Richard T. Jones (Guess Who, TV’s “The Wire”), Blair Underwood (Madea’s Family Reunion, TV’s “Fatherhood”), Chenoa Maxwell (Doing Hard Time, Hav Plenty), Andre Royo (Shaft, TV’s “The Wire”), Andrew Lauren (Conspiracy Theory), Laz Alonzo (Jarhead, The Tenants) star in G, a tragedy-filled story of a young Great Gatsby-ish Hip-Hopper named Summer G who falls for a middle- to upper-class sistah while in college. After she rejects him for a fellow social climber, Summer G spends ten years building a Hip-Hop empire, and then moves to the Hamptons where he finds the object of his affections. Cinematic urban tastemaker movie which highlights an African-American aristocratic lifestyle.G. is an engrossing update of The Great Gatsby, set in the Hamptons and starring Richard T. Jones as Summer G., a self-made, millionaire head of a hip-hop label. Having risen from obscurity to make his fortune, Summer pines for just one thing: Sky (Chenoa Maxwell), the woman who dumped him back in college to marry the brutal, philandering Chip (Blair Underwood). Sky’s feckless cousin, Tre (Andre Royer), a pop journalist, sets her up in an assignation with Summer, leading to predictable conflicts but with unexpected consequences. Co-written and directed by Christopher Scott Cherot, G. is also an interesting portrait of American wealth, particularly the collision of old and new money in the form of a biracial aristocracy coming to terms with a hip-hop elite. Strong performances alone are enough to recommend this feature. –Tom Keogh

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