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The BMW E89 Z4 is the chassis code of the current second generation BMW Z4. Unlike its predecessor, the BMW E89 Z4 features an automatic retractable hardtop convertible roof like the Mercedes SLK, and can be raised and lowered in under 19 seconds. Since the BMW E89 Z4 had a retractable hardtop, there are no longer separate roadster and coupé versions of the car. The BMW E89 Z4 is the first BMW to be designed by two female designers – Juliane Blasi (exterior) and Nadya Arnaout (interior) in 2006.

A total of €130 million was spent from 2007-2009 in expanding the plant for production of the BMW E89 Z4. Unlike its predecessor (the BMW E85 Z4), the BMW E89 Z4 is produced in the Regensburg plant, and not in Greer, South Carolina. The BMW X3 took its place, which made the Spartanburg plant the main production centre for the BMW X family. Production of the BMW E85 Z4 was discontinued in mid-2008, and the BMW E89 Z4 was produced from February, 2009 onwards.

The BMW E89 Z4 was officially announced on 13 December 2008 and was unveiled in the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit alongside the MINI Convertible. The BMW E89 Z4 was then launched in markets on May 2009. The Life Cycle Impulse for the BMW E89 Z4 was implemented on all models on March 2013.

The BMW E89 Z4 was unveiled to the public in 2009 in the North American International Auto Show alongside the MINI Convertible. Early BMW E89 Z4 models included the sDrive 23i, sDrive 30i and the sDrive 35i. The sDrive 23i and sDrive 30i models then ceased production in 2011, and were replaced by the sDrive 20i and sDrive 28i. A sDrive 35is model was introduced in 2010, and is a more powerful model to the sDrive 35i and featured an overboost feature. In March 2013 (in the Life Cycle Impulse), the sDrive 18i model was introduced to the Z4 lineup.

The BMW E89 Z4 is the first BMW to be designed by two female designers – Nadya Armamout and Juliane Blasi who designed the interior and exterior respectively. Unlike its predecessor, the BMW E89 Z4 features a two-piece electro-hydraulic retractable hardtop with a lightweight aluminium shell and not a traditional soft top convertible. The BMW E89 Z4 also features an electronic handbrake.

As a result of BMW’s Efficient Dynamic’s program, the BMW E89 Z4 features Brake Energy Regeneration as a standard feature on all models. All BMW E89 Z4 sDrive 18i, 20i and 28i models equipped with a manual transmission, also get Start/Stop technology, which can be toggled on or off. The Start/Stop technology is not available for the Z4 sDrive 35i and 35is models.

All BMW E89 Z4’s also feature Driving Experience Control as standard. Using a rocker switch, different modes including COMFORT, SPORT and SPORT+ modes can be selected on the centre console. The different modes adjust the driving characteristics including the response of the engine and DSC stability system, the shift times of the automatic gearbox, the responses of the Servotronic function and the mapping of the electronically controlled dampers.

All BMW E89 Z4’s come with safety equipment such as; Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) which includes Cornering Brake Control (CBC), Brake Assist and Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) and Hill-Start Assistant (for sDrive 35i and 35is models only). DSC stabilises the car before skidding occurs and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) allows increased wheel slip to optimise acceleration in certain types of driving conditions to enable a dynamic drive.

When braking gently in a fast bend, the standard Cornering Brake Control (CBC) increase vehicle stability. CBC works by using asymmetric brake pressure control in order to create a stabilising counterforce. Door reinforcements also protect the driver and passenger during a side impact. Diagonal crossmembers in doors adds extra strength. The BMW E89 Z4 comes with four airbags including front driver and passenger airbags, and head and upper body airbags that cushion the head, ribcage and pelvis area. +++++

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