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The Fiat Abarth 595 is a car Fiat 500 base transformed society Italian Abarth .

Already before launching the Fiat 600 , the leaders of Fiat Auto wanted a mini-car to replace their Fiat 500 Topolino but which can carry four people. This car was essentially be an urban vocation. Designed by Dante Giacosa , the famous chief engineer of the brand, and built like a real car with a monocoque structure, a real suspension, generously sized hydraulic brakes and an electric circuit of 12 volts , the Nuova Fiat 500 will experience a success that will monopolize him for three decades the mini-car market in Europe.

Fiat 695 Abarth
Launched July 4, 1957, the new 500 seems perfectly suited to its purpose. Simple and economical, which will improperly dubbed in France also the “yogurt pot”. The brand of yogurt she is registered with the INPI. With the exception of the mechanical, it shows the architecture of the Fiat 600 , with a motor positioned at the rear and four independent wheels. It is powered by a twin-line air-cooled 479 cm 3 developing 16.5 hp , which allows it to reach 85 km / h . Renowned for its vibration at idle, there is no shortage of go in city traffic, despite the creaking of the claw box and the high noise level due to the turbine. Carlo Abarth will soon change to this little engine through pistons, connecting rods and crankshafts special, modified camshafts and special exhausts.

It is at the Turin Motor Show in November 1957, will be launched the first Fiat 500 with a conversion kit Abarth , the Fiat 595 Abarth. With 19 horses from his prepared engine: camshaft reprofiled, modified carburetor and specific case, it was soon noticed by a series of records set on the Monza racetrack between 13 and 20 February 1959. The pilot Remo Cattini, Marino Guarnieri and Corrado Manfredini took turns for seven days to cover 18,186 kilometers average of 108.252 km / h .

The same year, Abarth had a record car built on a tubular chassis and retaining, like the sedan, the implantation of the engine cantilever rear. Designed by Pininfarina and built in aluminum, this prototype weighs only 368 kg . He beat 23 international records, including that of the 2 000 km average of 153.319 km / h . Amended in 1959 by adding a long tail and removing the periscope, the car sets, in August 1959, five new records of class 1 ( 351 cm 3 to 500 cm 3 ), the 1000 km average of 165.652 km / h .

It was not until 1963 that is launched on the market the complete car Fiat Abarth 595 derivative of the Fiat 500. It will be presented in November 1963 at the salon Turin and approved to run in the class of less than 600 cm 3 with the strain make at least a thousand copies of series. Abarth proceeds as for the Fiat 750 Abarth by increasing the engine that runs 594 cm 3 , hence its name “595”. With 27 horses at 5000 rev / min , the power is modest but the car exceeds 120 km / h . Externally, the Abarth logo on the front and a few entries identify the car.

From the fall of 1963, thanks to a special agreement with Fiat Abarth could receive incomplete car at Fiat and Abarth bring specific items.
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