AppGear “ALIEN JAILBREAK” for Apple or Android Devices

AppGear “ALIEN JAILBREAK” for Apple or Android Devices

  • Bring the zany, intergalactic battle into your world with AR technology that creates the ultimate 360-degree gaming experience. Customize your battle plan with movable AR markers that transform into wacky weapons when viewed through a smart device.
  • Fast-paced missions combine real-time strategy and first-person shooter skills to stop the escaping mass of aliens. Over-the-top action and outer space surprises will keep you on your toes.
  • Upgrade and customize your weapons, turrets and defenses with bounty rewards and experience points.
  • Be on the lookout-the universe?s most-wanted alien misfits are trying to make a run for it! With a space patrol ship and an arsenal of otherworldly weapons at your disposal, stop these goofy alien prisoners from making the great escape.
  • 1 x AR cube; 2 x AR markers; 2 x Collectible alien figures; 1 x Quick start guide

Stop The Escape: Be On The Lookout-The Universe’s Most-Wanted Alien Misfits Are Trying To Make A Run For It! With A Space Patrol Ship And An Arsenal Of Otherworldly Weapons At Your Disposal, Stop These Goofy Alien Prisoners From Making The Great Escape. But Don’t Wait Too Long To Make A Move Or They’ll Use Mind-Control Beams To Stop You! Amplified Reality: Bring The Zany, Intergalactic Battle Into Your World With AR Technology That Creates The Ultimate 360-Degree Gaming Experience On Your Desktop. Customize Your Battle Plan On The Fly With Movable AR Markers That Transform Into Wacky Weapons When Viewed Through A Smart Device. Use Gun Turrets, Tesla Coils, Electric Barricades And Warp Generators To Fight The Alien Outlaws Across The Galaxy. On Patrol: Fast-Paced Missions Combine Real-Time Strategy And First-Person Shooter Skills To Stop The Escaping Mass Of Aliens. Over-The-Top Action And Outer space Surprises Will Keep You On Your Toes. Round Up Escaping Aliens, Battle Alien Robot Bosses And Prepare For The Ultimate Alien Showdown. Bounty Rewards: Upgrade And Customize Your Weapons, Turrets And Defenses With Bounty Rewards And Experience Points. Multiplayer Over Local Wi-Fi. Compatibility: Ios And Android Smart Phones With Rear-Facing Camera. Minimum System Requirements: Ipad 2; IPhone 4; IPod Touch 4Th Generation, Google Android 2.3.3, 1Ghz Processor, 512Mb, With Back-Facing Camera. Packaging Contents: 1 X AR Cube; 2 X AR Markers; 2 X Collectible Alien Figures; 1 X Quick Start Guide

List Price: $ 1.10

Price: $ 1.10

Great Spider-man 2-in-1 spray silk water glove Playsets Action Figure Amazing Spiderman Toys Deluxe Rapid Fire 2 in1 Web Fluid water Shooter With Hero Glove Kids Roleplaying Brinquedos

Great Spider-man 2-in-1 spray silk water glove Playsets Action Figure Amazing Spiderman Toys Deluxe Rapid Fire 2 in1 Web Fluid water Shooter With Hero Glove Kids Roleplaying Brinquedos

  • Package Includes:1*Web Shooter; 1*Spidey Shot Web Fluid; 1*Refillable water cartridge ;1*Spider-Man Glove.
  • Product Size: 31*23*7cm
  • Color: Spider man Red
  • Shooting distance 5-6 meter
  • Safe and Fun,The Spray Gun Support Water shooting and Spider Web fluid Shooting. The Spider Web fluid(spider silk) Bottle include the Special Web fluid,It’s consumables.

Imagine Spider-Man adventures at a whole new level with this incredible Web Shooter set! This realistic-looking glove looks like it came from Spider-Man’s costume, and when you pull it on you’ll feel just like your web-slinging hero. But you’ll feel even more like him when you attach the Web Shooter to it! Load the shooter with the water cartridge or the included can of Spidey Shot Web Fluid. Then you can blast a web or water at the bad guys, using your 2 middle fingers, just like your favorite web-crawling hero. Evil doesn’t stand a chance when you’ve got your Web Shooter and Glove!

List Price: $ 79.90

Price: $ 79.90

Xbox One Controller + Play & Charge Kit: TekBotic Customized Signature White & Black Two-Tone Bundle Wireless (18-Month Warranty)

Xbox One Controller + Play & Charge Kit: TekBotic Customized Signature White & Black Two-Tone Bundle Wireless (18-Month Warranty)

  • Add unique value to your living room and elevate your play-style, a customized signature two-tone look, with added thumb stick flare
  • Lose the disposables, charge while you play and when the console is in standby mode and gets fully charged in 4 hours
  • Note: without 3.5 millimeter headset jack
  • Vibration motors in the triggers provide precise fingertip feedback bringing weapons, crashes, and jolts to life for a whole new level of gaming realism
  • Two-tone wireless controller, rechargeable lithium ion battery pack, charging cable (9 foot USB to micro-USB), and an industry leading 18-month warranty

Like Minded Gaming

We created the Signature Two-Tone Controller with an industry leading 18-month warranty, a custom sleek look, forgiving rubberized thumb sticks, and a rechargeable battery kit. The Two-Tone Controller has a simple, sexy, yet custom OEM look, which offers unique value to the living room. All our controllers come standard with a rechargeable battery kit that includes a high quality, durable micro-usb cable. TekBotic attempts to minimize e-waste and reassure users that if something breaks, that they are covered by real warranty.

TekBotic is focused on delivering the best overall experience and quality of video game hardware, customization, and add-ons. Our future products will build off your feedback to customize, modify, and explore the best additions to create the ultimate controller. We are committed to delivering 100% user satisfaction, because we are gamers and customers too.


  • Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller main-board
  • Signature Two-Tone Controller Shell (White: top plate, handles (2x), and battery cover + Black: back plate)
  • Hassle-Free 18-Month Warranty
  • Play & Charge Kit
  • Red Comfort Thumb sticks
  • Do it Yourself, thumb stick replacement plan
  • Industry Leading Support Team
  • -Premium Warranty-

  • Hassle-Free 18-month warranty
  • Coverage for electrical defects and joystick breaks / drifts
  • DIY Thumb grip replacement plan
  • -Signature Two-Tone Custom Shell-

  • Style + Comfort + Thumb Flare
  • Style: Signature White & Black Two-Tone Controller
  • Comfort: TekBotic’s rubberized thumb sticks are more forgiving to your precious commodities, as they help to minimize thumb fatigue and calluses associated with extended gaming sessions.
  • Flare: red thumb sticks to accent the beautiful black and white controller shell.
  • -Don’t Get Caught with Your Pants Down-

    Play & Charge Kit Included (battery + 9ft micro-USB charge cable. Disposable AA batteries are not only wasteful, but tend to leave you with your pants down. We try avoid frantically pacing the house, while trying to remember where we keep the AA batteries. From years of traumatic experience (see above), we made a point to include a Play & Charge kit to ensure you can keep playing when your teammates need you the most.

    -Microsoft Controller Features-

    Trigger buttons with developer-customized rumble feedback.Over 40 improvements to the award-winning 360 Wireless Controller, without taking anything away from what you love.Newly designed D-pad is perfect for all types of game genres including sports, fighting, FPS, and more. Optimized for both directional and sweeping D-Pad movements. New wireless radio that enables faster data transfer to the console. Pick up and play. Kinect automatically recognizes who is gaming and which controller they are holding.

    List Price: $ 72.99

    Price: $ 72.99

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