American Experience: The Boys of ’36 Reviews

American Experience: The Boys of ’36

American Experience: The Boys of '36

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In 1936, nine boys from the University of Washington took the rowing world and a nation by storm, when their eight-oar crew team captured the gold medal at the Olympics in Berlin. The boy s victory, and the obstacles, inspired a nation struggling to emerge from the depths of the Depression.

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36 Hours [Blu-ray]

36 Hours [Blu-ray]

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It’s 1950. Maj. Jefferson Pike is in an Allied military hospital, under the care of an American doctor. Pike is an amnesiac, and if he could recount the details of D-Day, his last memory, perhaps it would unlock his mind. Only it’s really 1944, and Pike is deep in German territory in a faux hospital built just for him. James Garner does a heroic star turn as increasingly suspicious Pike, and Rod Taylor makes a canny opponent as the duplicitous Doktor in a tense cat-and-mouse, twist-filled wartime thriller. The Nazis have only 36 Hours to pull off their elaborate ruse and get the D-Day plans out of Pike. But if that doesn’t work, they will use any means necessary.

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