AIAIAI 75001 All-Round Preset Headphones Reviews

AIAIAI 75001 All-Round Preset Headphones

AIAIAI 75001 All-Round Preset Headphones

  • s01 drivers engineered with a neodymium magnet and lightweight PET diaphragm to deliver a balanced sound suitable for all genres
  • h01 Light weight Polycarbonate headband with soft durable PU foam head padding
  • e01 ear pads for direct and open sound representation and slim silhouette
  • c01 straight 1.2 meter thermo plastic cable with a one button inline microphone – compatible with most smartphones
  • You can choose to lock the cable to the speaker unit, to make sure it doesn’t get pulled out while playing

This preset has been configured with the all-round S01 speaker unit, which delivers a balanced sound representation suitable for all music genres. The combination of the light and sturdy H01 headband and the E01 on-ear microfiber ear pads results in an open sound representation, and a slim, lightweight design, suitable for both on-the-go situations and home listening.

List Price: $ 140.00

Price: $ 139.95

AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular Headphone – Studio Preset (S03, E04, H03, C02)

AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular Headphone - Studio Preset (S03, E04, H03, C02)

  • Speaker Unit S03: Engineered with a 1.6″ / 40.0mm titanium coated driver to reduce distortion, and designed with a fully sealed driver, providing a full and rich sound
  • Headband H03: New reinforced injection-molded headband made from the best engineering nylon grade available
  • Earpads E04: Comfortable over ear cushions made from soft memory foam covered with PU leather.
  • Cable C02: Coiled, black, 4.9′ / 1.5m thermo-plastic cable with soft touch surface

Based on the original TMA-1 headphones, the TMA-2 Modular Headphone – Studio Preset from AIAIAI is a designed to be genre and application specific. The Studio preset model delivers a wide and detailed soundstage that is designed for comfort and long listening sessions.

List Price: $ 222.00

Price: $ 222.00

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