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Sugar Ray – 14:59 – CdThese Southern California frat rockers have learned what they do best. Gone are the damaged noisefests that recall a more polished Rage Against the Machine and middle-period Stooges. Filling those spots are lighthearted ditties such as “Even Though” and “Falls Apart” that boast tropical guitar flourishes and almost Beatlesque harmonies. On 1997’s Floored, the breeziness of “Fly” was the exception; on 14:59, it is the rule. Sugar Ray have cleaned up, sanitized, and civilized themselves, which might not be a bad thing in terms of accessibility and airplay. Some fans, however, might miss the hard-partying, screaming misanthropes of yore. And even the inclusion of old-school rapper KRS-One on “Live & Direct” doesn’t make up for Sugar Ray’s loss of innocence–although their shimmering cover of Steve Miller’s “Abracadabra” inspires affection. Another saving grace is that they haven’t lost their sense of humor, dubbing the album 14:59 as a homage to Andy Warhol’s 15 fleeting minutes of fame. It would be an error, however, to conclude that Sugar Ray’s hourglass is running out. –Jaan Uhelszki

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David Garrett at 14 The Lost Album, Rediscovered & Issued For The First Time.

For me personally, 14 is the link between the recordings I made as a child and the albums Im now making in adult life. Im delighted that the CD is coming out after so many years because to some degree, it pulls together the story of my life – David Garrett.

14 is the story of violinist extraordinaire David Garrett, a remarkable tale in which music played the lead role from the very start.

Music has always been the constant factor in my life, the thing that gave me strength and equilibrium. In music I was able to find the motivation to carry on, even during the tough times – David Garrett.

The title of David Garretts album for 2013 is simple yet significant: 14 refers to his teenage years, the time of transition to adulthood, and the highly sensitive phase of life in which these recordings were laid down. I was something of an oddity among my peers, and at that age I was just as uncomfortable in the world of classical music – David Garrett.

Despite everything, he found stability in the love of the violin: even at a tender age, the emotional connotations of music came vividly to life for David Garrett.

Dr. Burkhard & Sibylle Schafer

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Price: $ 3.84

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